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How many times have you got exasperated of your boss at office? Even so how many more times you came back home and vented the pent-up frustration on the wifey dear only to feel sorry about that later? Well, you are not alone, as almost all of us at some point of our lives have released our stress on soft targets. Stress is inevitable as life is getting busier by day but these days there is a better solution in forms of online games. You can get rid of your angst by slapping a rogue figure continuously just by a click of mouse.

Research has shown that if you spend five minutes in one game, your stress level will reduce considerably. Prediction-based games that require clear and sharp reasoning and foresight are also wonderful stress busters. Simply choose a portal of free online games and start playing. You will soon start to feel better. Games which demand your full attention shut down the body’s stress response of fight-or-flight by making your mind focus on something else.

Point is how to choose the ideal one from thousands of relevant gaming sites? Two criteria should be taken into consideration: first, it has to be gripping and full of excitement; and second, it should come for free. One such exciting free gaming portal is foreseegame.com which offers consumer engagement on a fun gaming platform where users can play prediction based games. New games are posted on the site every day and a player can play different types of games as per his preference.

The excitement doesn’t end here! Only this portal offers fabulous rewards when you win which are not at all virtual! The reward options are equally enticing, starting from redeemable reward points, gift hampers, goodies and even real-time, hard cash! And to win all these, all you have to do is play your heart out. This unique gaming portal presents a wide range of prediction-based games, covering various genres, such as sports prediction games, reality shows, awards and contests, share market, weather, commodity and many more.

The possibilities are endless. You can play as many games as you wish and therefore, your chance of winning and winning big is also endless. And now think how good it would feel to win big money while playing a computer game after a stressful day! So go ahead and start playing at Foreseegame.com. Choose a game category according to your choice and start playing and see how your built-up tension melts away in just five minutes!